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  • Intelli-Books Pro 2009 $900 Value
  • Project Management Pro Software $500 Value
  • Project Management 5.0 $250 Value
  • Project Organizor Deluxe Software $300 Value
  • 200,000 Consumer Leads $400 Value
  • Sales Letter Creator Software $200 Value
  • Profit & Loss Pro $150 Value
  • Cash Flow Pro $200 Value
  • Deluxe Power Point Templates Pro $180 Value
  • 1000 Business Forms $100 Value
  • Deluxe Contracts Pro $100 Value
  • Funding Source Pro $100 Value
  • Marketing Tools Pro $300 Value
  • Deluxe Website Templates 3.0 $100 Value
  • Business Plan Guide $200 Value
  • Free Shipping-Same Day Delivery! Great Value

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Intelli-Books Pro 2009 ($900 Value) Intelli-Books Pro is your complete solution for your business and accounting needs. Stay organized and keep your business on track with our intelligently designed software. Complete multi user, multi pc software with secure database and professinoal features to make your business and accounting department stay on top of every small detail. Increase profits and stay organized today with Intelli-Books Pro.

Multi-User, Multi-Company Professional Accounting Software

Secure Pc Based software, completley networkable.

Here are just some of the 100s of features in this deluxe professional software package.

* Easy setup wizards
* Country-specific accounts
* Design your own invoices
* Multi language support
* Multi-company, Multi-user
* Outlook, Excel, Office Support
* Year end procedures
* T-account viewer
* XML Import/Export
* Backup/Restore
* Context-sensitive help
* Quickbooks Converter
* Plugins Support

Accounting Power
* Debtors/Creditors
* General Ledger
* VAT/GST accounting
* Full stock control
* Customer Database
* Cash Books, Supplier, Inventory
* Point Of Sale Invoicing
* Bar Code Reader Invoicing
* 256 batches
* 10 bank accounts
* 999 sets of books
* 12,000 accounts
* 24,000 sub-accounts
* 40000 debtors & creditors
* 64000 stock items

* Batch entry system
* Invoices/Quotations
* Orders/Purchases
* Credit notes/Stock returns
* Bank reconciliation
* Point of Sale

* Trial Balance, Cash Flows
* Income Statement, Balance Sheet
* Debtors/Creditors Analysis
* Stock Items Analysis
* Sales and Purchase Analysis
* Customised User Reports
* VAT/Tax Reports

Project Management Pro Deluxe Software ($500 Value)

Project Management Pro will help take your project management to the next level with ease of use and complete control over every aspect of your project. The software will create a complete tree of tasks needed to be complete with assignability feature which allows you to give the tasks to each individual. You can also assign dependencies between different tasks ensure you complete tasks in a specific order before moving on to the next task. Gantt charts can easily be created with a click of a button within the software allowing complete control over your projects. Resource Load Charts also can be created within the software with a click of a button allowing you to have complete control of the resources of your project. Charts are easily printable generating into different format options such as pdf or direct to the web html report style, allowing you to publish your report to the net quickly and easily. The software can also be integrated with Microsoft project and spreadsheet software such as excel. Screen shots of this revolutionary project management software below.

Project Management 5.0 ($250 value)
Project Management 5.0 is an intelligently designed software solution for streamlining projects, measuring performance, analyzing performance grading, project workplans and more. Project Management is a necessary solution for effective project management.

• Intelligent Performace Grading
• Complete Project Workplans
• Organize Teams in the team organization section
• Professional solution

Project Organizer Pro Deluxe Software ($300 Value)

Project Organizer offers the easiest and fastest way to monitor and keep track of the amount of tasks/projects you have on hand. You can list down all your projects/tasks that you need to complete and never have to worry about missing your deadlines. (it's like digital secretary!)

Here's what Project Organizer can help you to do:

» Lists down all the projects you have on hand and categorizes them according to the level of priority (you'll NEVER forget about any important tasks you have anymore!)

» Allows you to add or delete tasks from each project and tracks the percentage of completion for each project

» Keeps track of the scheduled start and end dates of each project you enter so you know exactly how much time you have left for each project

» Boosts your productivity greatly and allows you to accomplish so much more

» Manages your time efficiently and you'll never have to worry about keeping yourself organized ever again.

» ‘Calendar’ function enables you to check dates and list down your daily schedule for every single hour

200,000 Consumer Leads ($300 value)

Leads are important to any business or industry. A premium bonus with the package, these 200,000 Consumer Leads include the email address of over 200,000 unique consumers which you can market your products/services to. Double your clients today with over 200,000 unique consumer leads.

• 200,000 Unique consumer leads

• Double your clients/customers today

Sales Letter Automater Pro Software ($200 Value)

Creating sales letters/pitches for all your products can be time-consuming and extremely challenging, especially if you’re not a good writer. Of course, you could always outsource your sales letter to professional copywriters. But, how many of us can afford to pay a few thousand bucks each time just to get a simple sales page churned out?

Sales Automator Pro is a deluxe desktop application that will guide you through the process of creating professional sales pages step-by-step.

By utilizing the full features of Sales Automator Pro to help you crank out your sales letters easily and effortlessly within minutes, it’s like having a copywriter on standby 24-hours every single day. That will certainly save you a ton of time and effort!

Here's what Sales Automator Pro can help you to do:

» Allows you to create sales letters by simply filling in the blanks (so you can churn out sales copies in just a fraction of the time you would normally take!)

» Make your site look professional with a complete mini-site format as the software will allow you to enter your header, footer and product images with ease!

» Inputs the headline, sub-headline at strategic locations (so you can grab your prospects attention and make them read your offer!)

» Easily helps to add credibility to your sales page with automatic insertion of the testimonials you provide. (this will help boost sales tremendously!)

» And so much more...

12 Month Profit & Loss Business Tool ($150 value)
Track your business's profit and loss with this intelligently designed professional business profit and loss tool. A must have for tracking growth and loss of your business.

• Track profit and loss
• Know where your business if profiting
• A must have tool for all businesses

Complete Cash Flow Forecast Tool ($100 value)
Complete Cash Flow Forecast Tool tracks your flow or money into your business and lets you know where and how the money is coming into your business. This is essential business and will ensure your growth will be long term.

• Tracks cash flow into your business
• Intelligently designed tool
• Great for any business owner

Power Point Business Templates ($180 value)
Complete professional power point business templates for your business's use. Great for presentations or for online demonstrations. Complete professional templates you can edit with your own company's information and ready to use.

• Professional Power Point Business Templates
• Can be used for any business
• Easily editable

1000 Business Forms & Letters ($100 value)
1000 Business Forms & Letters easily editable for use with your business. Forms for all occasions and purposes. A great directory to have.

• Complete forms & letters
• For business use
• Easily editable

Customizable Contracts Pro ($100 value)
Complete set of customizable contracts easily editable for your own business. Universal contracts can be edited for various businesses and services.

• Complete customizable contracts
• Easily editable
• Great for your business

Funding Source Directory Pro ($100 value)
Need a business loan for your start up? Exclusive Funding Source Directory is a comprehensive list of sources to get business loans for your start up company. For good credit and bad credit borrowers. A great resource and must have directory for obtaining business loans.

• Directory of business loans sources
• Great for start ups
• Find funding for your business

Deluxe Marketing Tools Pro ($300 value)
Complete suite of marketing tools for marketing your Short Sale Business. The marketing suite comes packed with professionaly designed flyers and marketing material to take your business to the next level.

• Complete suite of marketing tools
• Professionally designed flyers
• A must have for any professional

Deluxe Websites 3.0 ($100 value)
Deluxe website templates 3.0 comes packed with professionally designed ready made websites editable with your own information and ready instantly. Great for setting up a professional website quickly and easily.

• Professional Websites
• Ready for use
• Edit with your own information

Business Plan Step-by-Step Guide ($200 value)
Complete guide showing you how to write an effective business plan to gain financing from a bank quickly and easilyl. A must have guide for any business professional.

• Step-by-Step Guide
• Great for professional business plans
• A must have for any professional

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